BN_TinyTrailerCaravan_05.jpg (01202 558833)
Pic: Gidget/BNPS
This miniature caravan might look better suited to ‚cramping‘ than ‚glamping‘ but despite its diminutive size it still boasts a full size double bed and a fully-equipped kitchen.
The Tardis-like creation is taking campsites by storm this summer because at just 8ft long it is so small it can be towed like a trailer on holidays and weekend getaways.
But its nifty design hides a secret compartment that slides out to almost double the living space in less than 30 seconds, meaning it can comfortably sleep two adults with room to spare.
The retro-looking pod reveals a luxurious living space packed with mod cons including a rotating entertainment unit with a 24-inch flatscreen TV and stereo system with surround sound.
The caravan, called a Gidget, will set buyers back around £10,000.

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